Weekly Contemplation 01/12/2021

Q: There are contrasting terms and concepts, such as form versus formless, unmanifest versus manifest, linear versus nonlinear, and duality versus nonduality.  How can these be resolved?
A: The resolution is by means of the awareness of the nature of thought. Perception itself is an illusion;  Read more...
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Witnessing and Observing
October 2004 cd set
Dr. Hawkins presents important information, such as the fact that everything happens spontaneously and that nothing causes anything. Everything is an automatic consequence of the energy field. He shows how the power of one’s intention brings about manifestation, and how potentiality becomes actuality in and of itself because of the field.
He explains the use of kinesiology, why people may not believe in it, and how the infinite field of consciousness instantly registers Truth. He discusses the calibratable level of consciousness at birth, its relationship to karma, karmic inheritance, and how we can undo past karma in this lifetime.
Dr. Hawkins talks about Love as a quality of Divinity; about guilt; and about how to advance one’s level of consciousness. He also explains the nature of resistance and spiritual truth. These topics and more! Listen
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Inspiration by Dr. Hawkins
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The 91st Psalm
Dr. Hawkins recites the 91st Psalm
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Book of Slides 
The Complete Collection Presented at the 2002-2011 Lectures with Clarifications

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The Power of Love
by Fran Grace
The Power of Love is dedicated to Dr. David R. Hawkins and Susan Hawkins. It is an inspiring chronicle of life-changing encounters, personal transformation and a vision of love that transcends the everyday definition. The author, Fran Grace, spent many years in close connection with Doc and Susan, and the book narrates the transformative effect of their love upon her life.
715 pages
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The Presence of Spiritual Awareness
3 Dvd Set
Dr. Hawkins challenges the beliefs we hold that are crippling our spiritual evolution. He explains that what you “think” is not what “is” and in order to live a life filled with joy and move from ego to Spirit, we need to deeply question our current understandings.
...He also graces us with this beautiful prayer: “Oh Lord, we do pray to Thee that Thy Truth prevail in mankind for the sake of Peace. Amen.” Watch
Truth Shines Forth
3 cd Set
Dr. Hawkins explores a diverse range of topics, such as the importance of a true teacher, your commitment to spiritual integrity and the power of the “field”. If you have ever felt that you are alone in your spiritual quest, he also emphasizes that once you have aligned yourself with spiritual energies, you don’t walk alone. You walk along with all who support your intention and have gone there before you. Listen
Compassion: The Pathway of the Heart
3 cd set
 Here is everything you need to know to help you on your path to enlightenment, with a special emphasis on the importance of compassion on your spiritual journey. A common thread found in this lecture,  Dr. Hawkins speaks on the various methods and insights that can lead us to a state of compassion for ourselves, mankind and our world. Listen
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