Weekly Contemplation 08/11/2020
Choices determine consequences, which is a mechanism that is really impersonal and operates automatically because energy fields are invited in as a consequence of choice. The individual, as a consequence of choices, is like an iron filing whose position in the field is the direct consequence of its own decisions. Read more...
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Pain and Suffering cd
In this very helpful and healing talk, Dr. Hawkins explains that pain and suffering are actually not identical, although the world firmly believes so. The successful handling of pain techniques that work instantly and bring about rapid healing are presented, along with clinical examples. Learn how to divorce pain from suffering, how to raise one’s pain threshold, and reduce pain inclination. Discover the falsity of the unconscious worship of suffering as penance. Dr. Hawkins also reveals the place that acupuncture holds for relieving pain. Does going to the dentist have to be painful? He states, the answer is no.
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The Power of Love
by Fran Grace
The Power of Love is dedicated to Dr. David R. Hawkins and Susan Hawkins. It is an inspiring chronicle of life-changing encounters, personal transformation and a vision of love that transcends the everyday definition. The author, Fran Grace, spent many years in close connection with Doc and Susan, and the book narrates the transformative effect of their love upon her life. The book includes close-ups of Doc and Susan in their home, and an in-depth interview with Doc on “Love in Everyday Life.” Before Doc passed away in 2012, he and Fran conceived of this book, as a teaching and transmission of love in its many facets and expressions. Doc and Susan calibrated a list of people for Fran to go meet, interview, learn from, and include in the book. These teachers come from all walks of life and spiritual traditions—a demonstration of Doc’s teaching that love is present everywhere. The book is unusual in its interweaving of high teachings on love from diverse teachers with the author’s honest sharing of her struggles to embody them. 
 715 pages
The Presence of Spiritual Awareness
3 DVD Set
In this important lecture, Dr. Hawkins challenges the beliefs we hold that are crippling our spiritual evolution. He explains that what you “think” is not what “is” and in order to live a life filled with joy and move from ego to Spirit, we need to deeply question our current understandings.
Once you become aware of the structure of mankind, compassion is the automatic consequence of that knowledge. We walk around with a spiritual conscience, but with the emotions of an animal as well. See that the human drive is to “get” more and more, which Dr. Hawkins breaks down for us by explaining why we have this strong desire but also how to let it go.
Dr. Hawkins also graces us with this beautiful prayer: “Oh Lord, we do pray to Thee that Thy Truth prevail in mankind for the sake of Peace. Amen.”
These are just a few of the topics covered in this presentation worthy of your collection!
Inspiration from Dr. Hawkins
Freedom to Choose
Study Groups on Zoom
Baton Rouge, LA 70809 - Contact: Pelin Turunc
Beacon, NY 12508 - Contact: Joe Niewiadomski
Boynton Beach, FL 33436 - Contact: Eric Berger
Columbus, Oh 43202 - Contact: Nancy Kirchhofer
Jacksonville, FL 32202 - Contact: Ricky Wehrly
Santa Monica, CA 90402 - Contact: Carol Davis

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"What is Real Success?" 

(1 cd 60 min, a $24.95 value) 
Dr. Hawkins gives us the answers to this question on many different levels as he explores this topic with his wife Susan.
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Book of Slides
The Complete Collection
Presented at the 2002-2011 Lectures with Clarification
This book contains the compendium of Dr. Hawkins' lecture slides, along with a summary of his teaching at each lecture. Far from being a dry read, this book is filled with real life examples, humorous anecdotes, and personal experiences of “Doc” never before found in written form.
The Pathway of the Heart
3 cd Set
Here is everything you need to know to help you on your path to enlightenment, with a special emphasis on the importance of compassion on your spiritual journey.   Spiritual gems are throughout this talk on forgiveness, the importance of kindness under any and all conditions, the undoing of judgmentalism and the power of Love and mercy.  Dr. Hawkins states: “The willingness to surrender everything to God, no matter what, is all that is required.” Listen
All is Divinity
3 cd set
  Dr. Hawkins  states: “There is nobody paddling the canoe except yourself!” However, with the progression of consciousness, the “I” becomes less and less limited and ultimately becomes the source of Knowingness itself. As love becomes more unconditional, with reverence you see the sacredness of all of life. You become more attuned to beauty and everything shines forth with the radiance of Divinity. Listen
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